Unlock the Secrets to a Cool & Energy-Efficient Home with Whole House Fan Installation

Discover the Ultimate Solution for Comfortable Living & Reduced Energy Expenses

  • Slash your cooling costs and save money every month
  • Enjoy a comfortable living environment throughout the year
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet

Unlock the Secrets to a Cool & Energy-Efficient Home with Whole House Fan Installation

Discover the Ultimate Solution for Comfortable Living & Reduced Energy Expenses

  • Slash your cooling costs and save money every month
  • Enjoy a comfortable living environment throughout the year
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet

Stay Cool

Find out how our Whole House Fan works to cool your home!

Save Energy

Cool your home using less energy with our Whole House Fan!

Save Money

Pay less on your electrical bill with our Whole House Fan!

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Hot, stuffy rooms and soaring energy costs got you down? We’ve been there too, and we’re here to rescue you from the heat and the financial drain. Get ready for the ultimate solution that will revolutionize your home.

Introducing Whole House Fan Installation from My Green Home Design in San Diego, California – the answer to your sweltering nightmares. Say goodbye to expensive air conditioning units that barely make a dent in the heat. Our innovative technology will have you breathing a sigh of relief.

With the simple flick of a switch, whole house fans unleash a breath of fresh air, drawing in cool breezes from the outside and banishing hot, stagnant air from your living spaces. Feel the instant coolness wash over you, enveloping every room with comfort.

No more struggling to find the right temperature, constantly adjusting the thermostat, or feeling trapped in stuffy rooms. Whole House Fan brings you natural ventilation that keeps your home consistently cool and your wallet happy.

It’s time to take back control of your comfort and your budget. Embrace the transformative power of Whole House Fan and experience a home that’s refreshingly cool and energy-efficient.

Unmatched Cooling Power

Say goodbye to stifling heat and hello to a blissfully cool home. Whole House Fan harnesses the natural power of fresh air, circulating it throughout every room, and whisking away hot, stuffy air. Experience the delight of a consistently cool and inviting living space.

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Energy-Efficiency at Its Best

Slash your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint with our eco-friendly solution. Whole House Fan provides a cost-effective alternative to energy-draining air conditioners. Enjoy significant savings while staying cool and comfortable all season long.

Superior Indoor Air Quality

Breathe in the benefits of cleaner, healthier air. Our whole house fans promote excellent indoor air quality by continuously refreshing the atmosphere, eliminating odors, and reducing pollutants. Say goodbye to stale air and hello to a breath of fresh air in every corner of your home.

Our Customers Absolutely Love Quietcool Whole House Fan

QuietCool has been surveying it's customers for over the past decade and consistently year in and year out we have been maintaining a 98% customer satisfaction rate.


Derek P.

We have a home in Lakeside and as everyone knows we get super hot summer months from July - October usually. Our house has solar, new insulation and a new roof. But in the summer months, our attic fan NEVER turns off and I am confident that is the biggest factor in our house getting hot and the AC kicking on by noon in the summer months.

Our friend used this company a few years back and went with their 30" Zephyr Fan. Once I checked it out, I was sold. I called and talked to Caleb, who came out the next day for a consultation and inspection. From my first call to to the install, ALL under 5 days. Incredible service.

Esau our installer was super helpful, friendly and knew his stuff. The install was super clean and could not be happier. In the end he gave me a rundown on how to use the fan and be most effective.

We can't wait to put this new system to work and start saving some AC time. Pennies per hour, instead of dollars!


Seth L.

Caleb and his team were incredible professionals, and was absolutely satisfied with all the work done at my home. We were first only interested in new insulation, but the pitch for a whole house fan made a lot of sense. I could not be happier with the decision. The cool nights no longer freeze my house and the hottest days no longer require air conditioning with the whole house fan.

When everything was installed, the team was very COVID-19 safe, wearing masks and being mindful of distance. They were so tidy, putting up plastic sheeting and vacuuming after work was done to leave the house better than they found it. Thank you Caleb and team!


Ronnie W.

My Green Home out of Carlsbad is an excellent choice when considering an alternative to purchasing or upgrading an AC. Our house is 4,000 sqft., we live in Spring Valley and on a hill, we have 1 AC; our bedrooms are on the lower level with no AC. Our AC is for the upper level, but physics our what they may hot air raises. So if we can move all the hot air out of the house and bring in cooler air through the bottom level and up through our house the better. My wife and I have been looking at getting a whole house fan for awhile. The fan vents the hot air from your attic and the rest of your house out the attic vents.

Now don't worry the great people from My Green Home will walk you through the entire process, they will give you an estimate and options on the phone then set up a site visit, our Service / Sale Rep Caleb came out to our house to do a site visit to ensure we got what was best for our house. Then the Service / Install Technician Esau that did the install was extremely helpful and knowledgable. Both gentlemen Caleb and the Esau was very professional and cleaned up everything as if he wasn't even there. The install was a very clean install, the fan has two wireless switches with one of them having a timer and can be mounted anywhere you would like.

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How Whole House Fans Work

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Open a few windows any time it’s cooler outside than inside, typically in the morning and evening.

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Turn your QuietCool fan on by setting the speed and timer.

QuietCool pulls in cool, fresh air from outside and expels hot, stale air out attic vents.

Your home has now been made cooler, healthier, and more comfortable.

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